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Electric Vehicles
Assistance & Support

Shifting from the internal combustion engine to electric vehicles may bring greater efficiency and a new driving experience but also poses new challenges to drivers and manufacturers.

Customer and driver support is very crucial when a new product is launched into the market and this is especially critical with the introduction of this new technology.

EV Roadside Assistance

We are qualified and equipped to support EV drivers throughout their journey with extensive training and knowledge of the products. Our Roadside Assistance Specialists have access to region-wide charging points and our Recovery Operators are trained in all aspects of the EV ecosystem, including unique processes specific to individual OEMs.

EV Customer Support Centre

With Electric Vehicles changing the future of automotive business manufacturers are moving quickly to adapt to this disruption by introducing new product offerings to their current portfolio. With the introduction of electrification come some challenges not only from the product prospective but also from the customer experience side. We can assist by providing a white-labelled EV Customer Support Centre with services specialising in attracting and retaining EV customers


Our Roadside Assistance centre is equipped to receive calls from various sources including the vehicle bCall button or the entertainment system. Our APIs can integrate with connected vehicle platforms to offer us access to vehicle technical data and their GPS location.