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Digital Roadside

Our digital end-to-end platform delivers vertically integrated roadside solutions connecting all stakeholders in real-time offering efficiency, transparency and connectivity which results in a better customer experience.

Customer-centric roadside assistance using the latest technologiesTM

CarPal Digital Roadside Assistance provides end to end management of roadside assistance events while improving experience for all the stakeholders. As part of our service we offer a white-labelled customer mobile application as well as APIs that can be fully integrated into existing OEMs and dealer apps. Digital communication is supported by a call centre to provide customers with the most comfortable ways to request assistance, pinpoint location and monitor progress. All stakeholders have access to services and information within our user-friendly platform.


Recovery Operators​



For those clients without mobile app hosting capabilities we can still offer their customers a digital Roadside Assistance experience by combining SMS communication and web application. This includes notifications, geo-location, tracking and feedback.

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We can help automotive manufacturers increase their customer retention and loyalty by enhancing service quality while also reducing their costs or resolving their capacity issues. Please contact us today to find out how we can help.