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What We Do

We provide OEMs and their dealers with B2B customer support solutions that contribute to positive vehicle ownership experiences.

Our regional Premium Roadside Assistance programs ensure customers are helped when needed while our Customer Experience Centres assist with sales leads, enquiries, complaint resolution and CRM programs.

Premium Roadside Assistance

Despite the reliability of modern vehicles, breakdowns can occur for a variety of reasons.

Our team of qualified and experienced Roadside Assistance Specialists and Recovery Operators utilise their skills and the latest technologies to provide robust problem specific solutions while our sophisticated and purpose-developed technology ensures the right resource is used with a minimum response time.

Whether at the side of the road, at home or in the basement parking, we will come to the rescue and recover the vehicle for repairs by the authorised Dealer.

Experience Centre

For nearly 20 years we have been assisting OEMs and their dealers to successfully define and support their customers’ journey.

Our Customer Experience Centre delivers 360° customer support through an entire consumer lifecycle and is designed and tailored to the individual OEMs requirements.

We offer multi-functional solutions including entire sales and aftersales support as well as business and administration.

Digital Roadside Solutions

Our digital end-to-end platform delivers a vertically integrated roadside solutions connecting all stakeholders in real-time offering connectivity, efficiency and transparency which results in a better customer experience.

As part of our service we offer a white-labelled customer mobile application as well as APIs that can be fully integrated into existing OEMs and dealer apps.

Our Coverage

We operate our roadside assistance programs across 15+ countries in the Middle East and North African region and are the first company to offer such services in Palestine and Iraq.