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Our Roadside Assistance centre is equipped to receive calls from various sources including the vehicle bCall button or the entertainment system.

Our APIs can integrate with connected vehicle platforms to offer us access to vehicle technical data and their GPS location.


bCall (breakdown call) provides the driver with direct access to in-car 24-hour roadside assistance at the press of a button. When voice call is connected to the Roadside Assistance Centre a vehicle location and details are also automatically transmitted.


eCall (emergency call) can be made manually within a vehicle or is generated automatically in the event of accident. An alert and GPS location is transmitted to the Police or an Emergency Response Centre.

Stolen Vehicle Tracker

In the event of a vehicle being moved illegally or tampered with, an alarm will be activated and a dedicated Stolen Vehicle Centre will will contact the owner to confirm if it is a real theft situation. In the case of a theft the exact location of the vehicle can be passed on to the police.

Digital Roadside Assistance

Our digital roadside assistance offers an end-to-end platform that connects all stakeholders in real-time offering connectivity, efficiency and transparency. As part of our service we offer a white-labelled customer mobile application as well as APIs that can be fully integrated into existing OEMs and dealer apps.