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Driver Mobility

We keep customers mobile when their vehicles no longer can. Whether helping them reach their destination following a breakdown or providing a replacement vehicle during time of repair, we provide a variety of solutions to ensure customer freedom of movement is uninterrupted.


If a customer has broken down by the side of the road we can organise or refund the cost of a taxi to take them to the service centre or intended destination.

Car Hire

If the vehicle cannot be repaired in time we keep customers mobile by organising car hire through our vetted official car hire companies.

Replacement Vehicle

We have the capability and technology to manage dealers’ courtesy vehicle fleets that can be utilised to provide like for like replacements while a customer’s vehicle is being repaired.

Air Travel

If customers are outside their country of residence and cannot wait for the vehicle to be repaired we can organize their flights home.

Electric Vehicles Assistance & Support

Shifting from the internal combustion engine to electric vehicles may bring greater efficiency and a new driving experience but also poses new challenges to drivers and manufacturers. Customer and driver support is very crucial when a new product is launched into the market and this is especially critical with the introduction of this new technology.