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Digital Roadside

Customer-centric roadside assistance using the latest technologies.TM
Our digital roadside assistance offers an end-to-end platform that connects all stakeholders in real-time offering connectivity, efficiency and transparency. As part of our service we offer a white-labelled customer mobile application as well as APIs that can be fully integrated into existing OEMs and dealer apps.


Using our application Customers can digitally request roadside assistance services. They can pinpoint their exact location, see the progress, track the Recovery Operator, including their vehicle drop off location and once the request is completed they can share their feedback. At any given time customers can also choose the ‘click to call’ option in order to connect to our live Roadside Assistance Specialist.

Recovery Operators

Our easy to use platform allows dispatchers and Recovery Operators to digitally receive notifications of job requests that includes details such as the type of issue, vehicle and customer location. They can manage the whole case within the application with updates at each stage, as well as choose the best and quickest route to reach the customer.


Dealers are alerted to incoming broken down vehicles with an ETA. They are provided with both customer and vehicle details as well as a description of the issue. This enables them to plan ahead prior to arrival and prepare for diagnosis and repairs.


Clients have access to real-time information including a heat map of current events, dashboards as well as detailed reports.

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